Photographic potpourri

The Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore, or that building with the ship on top of it. Singapore had some pretty impressive architecture, but it was just too expensive for the likes of us.



Borocay. Our first taste of the glory that are Asian Beaches. This Filipino beach was a haven for cheap food and massages, and had a wonderful boardwalk perfect for lounging among the palms listening to live music while sipping on a Red Horse.



The quiet life of a monk in Laos, where bicycles and motorbikes reign supreme.



Boat's loaded with fresh seafood would pull up to the docks and seawall in Hong Kong, selling tourists and locals whatever they pointed at by extending them the net, first the cash, then the catch.



The view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

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One thought on “Photographic potpourri

  1. ShaneWozEre says:

    Love the picture of Victoria Peak. It’s always hard to make it look interesting, I think. –

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