The roads we take and take again

walking walking stumble think my sweaty strap leaves darkened marks stop for soup sweat some more get up pay thanks and bow while humid heat keeps raining down I wipe my face and glance at Buddha bathed in flowers of white so pure and bow and scrape the faithful kneel pressing face to flattened hands

a blast of air comes pouring out and in I go to look at drinks and take my time to choose and soak the godsent air walk walk walk some more and pass the trinkets I’m too cheap to buy or too cheap to be bought and no no nothanks wave my hand and shake my head looking on to white and brown and see a chair for me to sit

sit sit sit for hours watching as the faces fly once you’ve seen you think you’ve seen but think again they always change looking laughing they walk and stumble straight or down drink drink drink some more meet a Welsh who teaches English living north with wife and kid hanging low in Bangkok to watch a match his visa waits with untold truths

laugh laugh laugh some more talk and drink we smoke and think sharing stories and places we’ve been and things we’ve done I say goodbye and leave the place for gypsy’s lips a van a bar with nightly friends I’ve known for days and sit and stand and laugh and listen being known and knowing faces goes a way to lonely places and then I’m off

hurry hurry hurry wait wait wait stuck in traffic stuck in lines I get my visa and miss my plane I walk around to find a phone but it doesn’t work and I stand and think as the rain comes drenching down I go to shelter and drink some coffee for the access and try to call from google phone but accent’s thick and works no better I’m out of luck and walk walk walk to find a cab but no too far they won’t go so I settle for the flashy tuk-tuk with puffing fumes and open air and pay too much but I’m too tired to care and then I say take me back to Khao San Road and the roads I know

off to pool we play for hours and then I’m gone too tired for more than Irish farewells I leave for home and back again in 18 hours I meet a friend at 1 a.m. and joins our group we leave the bar and get a bucket dance dance dance ’til daylight we stumble out to greet the day that starts without us and sleep for hours the day our night

sit sit and think some more walk for hours beyond the crowds and greet the stares of glancing Thais I duck duck duck through markets smelling blood and fish and herbs and filth I spot strange things that slither and writhe and I wish I knew enough to eat them but on I go and glance and look and dodge the bikes and stop for soup and chicken hearts with spice and juice and on and on and on I go until I tire and see enough then back again to Khao San Road and sit and think and drink some more

crippled beggars and smiling ladies don’t cease to sell and off I look too dead and jaded the systems broke and damn unfair when children work while parents sleep

these days are over and others start but memories saved and friendships made and on and on and on I go until the ticket calls me home

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2 thoughts on “The roads we take and take again

  1. Fiona.q says:

    it feels like the moment you write down this post, the time flows slowly to you…

  2. James Brandon O'Shea says:

    1) remove distractions.
    2) read like a thought.

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