New Delhi old habits and the price of (easy) adventure: A quick update

I’ve made the jump to India and it hasn’t taken me long to find a high place to watch the street, eat some naan (quite possibly my favorite bread) and sip on some lassi (a sour yoghurt drink).

And, alas, I’ve finally been sucked in to booking a tour with the impossibly persistent travel agents that comb the streets looking for fresh meat. I’m almost ashamed, but sometimes figuring things out for yourself is simply not worth the savings.

For about $70 I will get a 24-hour bus ride up to Kashmir where I will spend 4 days and 3 nights with the family of the guy that roped me in. He had some good reviews supposedly hand-written by other suckers and if it all goes to hell I didn’t lose more than three days budget. And because India and Nepal were going to be the spiritual and physical part of my journeys, I’ll save a lot of money by holding off the booze.

I was planning on sticking around in Delhi for about 5 days, but it’s seriously hot here. And dirty, and humid, and hassle-ridden, and without the beer, it’s just not worth it right now.

So, to the cooler climes of Northern India I go — where the peaceful lakes and mountain peaks may sate my need for quiet, “handshakemyfriendmyfriendwhereareyoufrom”-free, contemplation.


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5 thoughts on “New Delhi old habits and the price of (easy) adventure: A quick update

  1. Yeah, that does sound a bit intense, so hopefully you will get the peace and quite that you crave in the northern parts. Keep us updated!

  2. vivacioushy says:

    this sounds like a real adventure…am envious

  3. grasshopperSr says:

    johnny 5, can’t help but think that this trip could change your worldview, not to mention your feeling of your place in this big world of ours. Stay safe.

  4. thirdeyemom says:

    I am so jealous! I would love to go to Kashmir. I wanted to go trekking there but we ended up with Nepal as we felt it was safer. I look forward to hearing your stories from there. India is pretty crazy! Watch the belly! My dad and I both got extremely sick there (my dad for a month!) with Dehli belly!

    • j.young says:

      Haha, I heard the same things, and the night before I was supposed to leave I saw on the news some new conflict was boiling up in the region… So I canceled, sorry I won’t be able to tell you about it!

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