The day time stood still

Time was still and unattached.

Our feet thumped, the clouds danced, I saw you as me and felt the simple peace.

On water we rowed, our hands as one in holding us together.

A broken butterfly floats sadly by, the mountains rise in gunmetal blue.

The sun our star burns bright and hot.

Fitting bursts of childish giggles, we land and laugh.

We drew with pen and pencil on tattered paper, and laughed at creatures we’d created.

Children came to share the love. Guiding hands we left for cover bands and banging drums.

On quiet shores we sat and sank in swaying grass and played amongst the living earth.

Flitting flies of fiery light turned on and off, floating through the pink and greys of waning light.

Shadows and reflections, light and image.

Dancing free the third eye gleamed.

Our children gathered some living light to lead the way to home and stay.

As we ate the drum came out.

A rhythmic thump dee thump of skin and table caught hold and grew.

The local men began to sing an ancient song about a hunter and his prey,

The sights were set but eyes connect and knowing full they aren’t apart,

The hunter sees the quiet soul and sets his sights on something else.

The group grows quiet. Music a bridge between our tongues.

We climb the stairs to roof and lounge and lay beneath the quiet stars.

Jupiter shines the brightest light, endless stars flicker as we dream.

Streaking comets and matching songs.

As the night takes hold and slows.

(The kids took a bunch of really cool pictures with my camera, the third and last photo in this post are theirs)

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4 thoughts on “The day time stood still

  1. Fiona.q says:

    this post reminds me of one song, “purple rain”. try it, to see if it’s kinda your feeling too 😉

    • Bottlecaps & Broken Bits says:

      Haha I’ll look it up. Gotta say I was in a strange frame of mind when I wrote (and experienced) that day.

      • Fiona.q says:

        i guess that’s the effect by seeing/feeling people around are just that happy, energetic, everything seems to be that natural, peaceful, beautiful. that’s the feeling your post give me.

  2. Beautifully told, great post man.

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