VIDEO: Life, In Between

I finally got around to putting together a travel-music-video-film documenting a few of those moments “in between” I’ve experienced over the last year of travel.

The music is from Aaron Glass and Friends. He is one of the guys I trekked with in Nepal, and one hell of a good-vibe groovy musician. Hope you enjoy!


Life, In Between from J. William Young on Vimeo.

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10 thoughts on “VIDEO: Life, In Between

  1. James Brandon O'Shea says:

    Really fantastic, man. Not much more to say than that.

  2. Fiona.q says:

    i’m not sure if you will become a great writer as you wish, but you definitely have the talent in videos/photograph! that’s sth really brilliant!
    the song is perfect.
    and watching this video is like reviewing all your past posts about your journey.. much more impressive although, lol.
    love this. thank you.

  3. Very cool, man! And the music goes so well with the incredible scenery…It really looks like you had a fantastic time ‘on the road’, and I’m sure you must be missing some of the times you had exploring, and all the fellow travellers you met. Damn, watching these images are giving me some seriously itch feet! Well done brother, this is really quite beautiful…

    • J. William Young says:

      Thank you! It was tough making it because it only made me want to pack up and leave. Glad you enjoyed it, though. Thanks, man.

  4. Ekua says:

    Great images, they made me reminisce about my travels in some of the same places! BEAUTIFUL song choice as well, it really captured the mood. So happy to have come across your blog!

  5. Wonderful video! It works really well with the music, and it captures the beauty of being on the road. 😀

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