Borrowed words

“Field and heath lay before him, dry, fallow stretches and dark forest. Beyond it might be farms and mills, a village, a town. For the first time the world lay open before him, wide and waiting, ready to receive him, to do him good or harm. He was no longer a student who saw the world through a window; his walking was no longer a stroll ending with the inevitable return. Now the wide world had become a reality, he was part of it, it contained his fate, its sky was his sky, its weather his weather. He was small in this large world, no bigger than a horse, an insect; he ran through its blue-green infinity. No bell called him out of bed, to mass, to class, to meals.”

-Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse

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2 thoughts on “Borrowed words

  1. T.D.Rizor says:

    I found your site very much by accident but then couldn’t leave it! Fantastic photographs. You just earned a new follower. Look forward to future images.

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