The Three Pagodas — Dali

I finally decided to give in and visit somewhere touristy. Somewhere touristy that – gasp – charges an entrance fee. (Note to students and recent graduates: Hold on to your student ID cards, they will often get you a major discount at places like the three pagodas — in this case half off.)

I went an hour before closing time allowing me to have the place pretty much to myself, and after being adrift in a sea of tourists throughout the town, these were some welcome moments of peace.

The pagodas were build in the 9th and 10th centuries as a means of protection against natural disasters caused by dragons. So far, they’ve worked, and not a single dragon has been spotted since. (Can you believe it?) The unique architecture in addition to the excellent view over the lake and surrounding mountains has earned the Pagodas a spot on my list of places actually worth paying for.


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8 thoughts on “The Three Pagodas — Dali

  1. These photos are amazing! I especially love the last one, the silhouette and the sunset just make it magnificent. Keep up the great work!

  2. Beautiful shots! I agree about the last one–although the black and white suits the three pagodas well.

  3. Fiona.q says:

    hah, touristy, i never know you have this illustration about “touristy”, interesting šŸ™‚

  4. Laurel says:

    I came across your photo 2011/08/p1020150.jpg and would like to use it in a poster for a choir concert. The choir is a nonprofit organization. Could you give us permission to use the photo?

  5. urbancurator says:

    you are a seriously talented photographer – I can’t wait to see more of your gorgeous photos!

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