After Sandy: A walk through Manhattan

From our window it was simply a minor nuisance, a storm that lasted a day.

But for those in low-lying areas and oceanside boroughs it was anything but, and the damage Sandy caused will take weeks — if not months years — to clean up and repair. Other areas, such as the New Jersey shoreline, will never be the same.

As I walked south through Manhattan the streets grew dark and quiet. Here and there someone would be rolling a suitcase or walking their dog. Occasionally an ambulance would come wailing by, a sharp contrast to the unusual silence that had settled over the streets. The click of my shutter an audible distraction as I took photos of the aftermath — from 60th and Amsterdam to SoHo and back. NOTE: For information on how to help the relief efforts, click here.

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15 thoughts on “After Sandy: A walk through Manhattan

  1. Wow. From Nicaragua I had no idea it was this bad. Your photos really showed me. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the photographs – the one with the windtorn banner and the woman on a crutch was very telling.

  3. createeng says:

    I like how you captured the torn banner. It illustrates Sandy’s aftermath. 🙂

  4. sweetsound says:

    The streets are so empty!

  5. […] other news, I found this post: After Sandy: A walk through Manhattan. How incredibly empty the streets […]

  6. Thanks for sharing with your readers in photos! Here’s to NYC getting back on its feet and getting back to the hustle and bustle once again! Take Care – Happy Friday!

    • J. William Young says:

      Of course! Hopefully the recovery starts to speed up for those who lost their homes and/or power — It’s gonna be a long haul. Take care as well.

  7. Thanks for sharing. Any idea what the story was behind the Post-Its? Were those left on a specific building/area?

    • J. William Young says:

      They were in the window of a cafe in midtown. Not sure exactly, but it looked like they had patrons write a note about Sandy and stick it on the window.

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