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Fog and snow in the Santiam

Santiam Forest

We reach an impasse in the failing light and choose a bend to pitch our tent and table above the foggy valley floor.

It’s nighttime now and with the icy logging roads behind us, I uncap the Old Crow to heat my stomach and blow life into the gasping fire against the rain and rivers of mist that flow through the hills and swallow us whole.

Icy road

The flames begin to gather and grow hot against the frigid night, vaporizing raindrops back up to their other being, adding with our breath. We draw our chairs closer to the fire and talk. Bringing us back into our bubble, words straining at the darkness in electric fingers of light.

Night lasts long outside and by morning we are ready to return to warmth. Thankful for a presence with the calm.



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Notes from the couch after the road.

Hello, road. Good to see you again.

It’s been a few months since I’ve strayed too far from home, so it’s good to be on the move again. I even managed to drag along my beloved friend/photographer (and not the other way around) James, who I’ve known since high school. He’s good. Damn good. So check out his blog if you haven’t already.

And so, after little planning and improper packing, we headed South taking the coastal road when we could and less gas-whorish freeways at night, crashing at random campgrounds and the homes of friends and family until we made it to our southernmost destination: San Diego.

Our way back North will be inland through Joshua Tree, Mojave and Yosemite where we will attempt to get our Ansel on.

But first,


The Northern Californian coastline is worth the winding drive.

James standing amongst the Redwoods.

Our first night of camping on the northern coast near Orick.

After making camp in the dark we awoke to this view of the lagoon.

Sutro Baths

The streets of San Francisco

James photographing off the roof of my truck in Pinnacles Monument Park.

James and Mark, another buddy from high school and college who now lives in LA and let us crash at his house.

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