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Fog and snow in the Santiam

Santiam Forest

We reach an impasse in the failing light and choose a bend to pitch our tent and table above the foggy valley floor.

It’s nighttime now and with the icy logging roads behind us, I uncap the Old Crow to heat my stomach and blow life into the gasping fire against the rain and rivers of mist that flow through the hills and swallow us whole.

Icy road

The flames begin to gather and grow hot against the frigid night, vaporizing raindrops back up to their other being, adding with our breath. We draw our chairs closer to the fire and talk. Bringing us back into our bubble, words straining at the darkness in electric fingers of light.

Night lasts long outside and by morning we are ready to return to warmth. Thankful for a presence with the calm.



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Bull of the Woods Wilderness, Oregon


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The other side of the line – Yosemite Valley

The car doors slam. A lady and her husband walk to the edge of the prairie while putting on their jackets. A squeal of delight comes from the old man as he finally looks up, the lady laughs and tells her husband something. They smile at each other then look forward as they talk.

Their conversation quickly trickles, then stops. They stand in awe, barely remembering to take a picture before they leave.

I’m leaning on my car door, watching as James sets up his tripod.

The air is sharp and cold, but the snowstorm hasn’t started yet. My body is warm.

The field is quiet.

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VIDEO: Ankeny Wildlife Refuge

— A few clips from our little stroll through Ankeny Wildlife Refuge last week —

Ankeny Wildlife Refuge – Oregon from J. William Young on Vimeo.

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The last days on Koh Phagnan


Oh, Koh Phagnan, you’ve been good. Great, even. But it’s time to move on back to Bangkok.

Here are a few pictures of my final days here.




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