Amsterdam // Film walk

A few weeks back I took a day off from the coffeeshops and wandered around the city with my sister-in-law, her friend Sunny, and my Leica mini-zoom in hopes of catching a unicorn on film.

Well, maybe I didn’t take a day off from the coffeeshops, but here are some of the shots I just got back from being developed. I need to build a dark room…

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18 thoughts on “Amsterdam // Film walk

  1. LOVING the picture of all the bikes.

  2. marikaeve says:

    I want a darkroom too! Beautiful photos, the light in that last shot is eerie. I love it.

    • J. William Young says:

      Thank you Marika! Yeah, a dark room would be nice. Do you ever use film in your photography?

      • marikaeve says:

        I haven’t since graduating school, but I just bought a Pentax K1000 I’m stoked to try out. I’d also really like to get my hands on a Holga 🙂 Working in a dark room is amazing…creating an image with your hands, painting with light, I miss it!

  3. James O. says:

    Nice shots, brother.

  4. YIN says:

    Great B&Ws, bigger photo displays would be better I think, to enjoy the details :p

  5. premdev says:

    I love A’dam!

  6. Jay says:

    My city with 6 years of pleasure. Nice captures! Love the BW

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