Home: (1987)

I was digging around in the closet the other day when I unearthed my Dad’s old Leica Mini-Zoom — a point and shoot camera he must’ve got around 1987 according to the time stamps. It’s old, it’s film, and I had fun dropping off the little black canister to get it developed, enjoying the delayed gratification of it all. There’s something about the scarcity evoked by film — only having a limited number of shots — that gives the photos an added weight. (Plus the camera and I have the added bond of being born only days apart.)

These photos were scanned and converted from color to b&w.

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6 thoughts on “Home: (1987)

  1. Ah man, these are great. What a find, and I mean, the nostalgia value is simply immeasurable…Very cool share!

  2. Fiona.q says:

    Leica is probably the most old-classic-style i’ve seen in cameras, lol. i love the right bottom one 😀

  3. Jean says:

    Like it!!!

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